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VersaMakeUp is a novel software application that runs on mobile and desktop devices. This application appeals to females aged 15-44 who wish to improve their appearance and beauty.

This application shows users how to apply makeup effectively to achieve their optimal beauty based on their face structure and the specific occasion. This application is able to offer a graphic representation of how to apply makeup to achieve a desired appearance. Embodiments show the user what her appearance would be if she were to apply makeup as recommended by the app.

This business should be of high interest and value to cosmetics firms and/or software companies that are interested in licensing to multiple cosmetics firms due to its protected IP and multiple patents.

Revenue will come from advertising, sale of marketing data, the online sale of cosmetic products and/or user fees.

Business assets of VersaMakeUp include international patents and intellectual property

  • Software, IOS, & Android apps inclusive
  • Wide-spectrum patents are approved
  • Augmented reality & facial recognition
  • Protected technology

Patent Overview

This unique invention comprises a set of facial proportion standards to which the subject is compared. Algorithms are conducted to calculate the standards, a subject’s proportions and the difference between the subject’s proportions and a predetermined standard. It then offers a method for making a visual representation of the difference between a subject’s proportions and a set of standard proportions, so that a person who is skilled in the design and application of makeup can create a personalized makeup plan for the client, based on scientifically valid beauty standards.

Competitive Advantage

VersaMakeUp has several direct competitors, Youcam Makeup, Makeup Plus, L’Oreal Makeup Genius being the most popular. What differentiates VersaMakeUp from all of its competitors is VersaMakeUp’s ability to analyse each user’s specific facial characteristics and design a makeup plan especially suited to that user and her purpose in applying makeup. VersaMakeUp’s competitors use a one plan fits all strategy whereas Versa has approved patents which protect its algorithm, and has collected a large amount of proprietary data required for the functioning of its algorithm. Versa will continue to refine and develop extensions to its algorithm.

Potential Revenue Streams

  • Per use fee
  • Advertising
  • Sale of market data
  • Surveys in lieu of usage fees
  • Online sales via referrals
  • Licensing revenue (retail cosmetics counter / online)

Business Includes

  • Patents
  • Desktop Software
  • IOS App.
  • Android App.
  • Research Studies
  • Branding
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Intellectual Property

Software Status

Both the Android and the IOS apps are down for maintenance and updating. Desktop and demo versions are available for viewing.


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