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November 8, 2023
VCREP #115: VCREP’s Best Investment Markets for 2024 with Rod MacKay

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It's time to reveal the top 5 commercial investment markets for 2024! Join Cory Wright and Rod MacKay from William Wright Commercial's Vancouver office as they again break down the most promising opportunities for the year ahead.

The criteria remains clear-cut: these markets offer above-average returns with significant potential for increased net operating income, paving the way for substantial equity gains. Get ready to take notes!

This week Cory & Rod dive into the thriving world of commercial real estate investments & highlight the top commercial real estate investment markets in British Columbia (BC) for 2024. Our expert analysis pinpoints the top markets that promise lucrative opportunities for savvy investors. Discover where your next investment gem lies in the ever-dynamic BC real estate landscape.

Top Real Estate Markets for 2024:

  1. Penticton, BC – The Rising Star
  2. Nanaimo, BC – The Fast-Growing Hub
  3. Kelowna, BC – The Consistent Performer
  4. Victoria, BC – The Resilient Market
  5. Delta, BC – The Industrial Powerhouse
  6. Edmonton, Alberta – The Strategic Bonus Pick

In-Depth Market Insights:

  1. Penticton, British Columbia: The Emerging Market

Why Invest in Penticton? 

Penticton is emerging as a key player in BC’s real estate scene, marked by significant urban development projects. This charming city is ripe for retail investments, with a growing demand for commercial spaces.

Key Features of Penticton: Limited asset availability, growing population, and rising retail lease rates.

  1. Nanaimo, British Columbia: The Fast-Growing Urban Center

Nanaimo’s Investment Potential:

With a spike in demand for commercial and multifamily spaces, Nanaimo stands out for its growth potential. The city’s robust employment sector bolsters its appeal for long-term investments.

What Makes Nanaimo Attractive?  Diverse investment opportunities and a recession-proof employment base.

  1. Kelowna, British Columbia: The Market of Consistent Growth

Why invest in Kelowna?

It’s a market balancing legacy lease renewals and cap rate compression opportunities. Kelowna’s steady economic growth ensures it remains a stable and attractive investment destination.

What are Kelowna’s Unique Selling Points? Diverse asset classes and potential for rental rate increases.

  1. Victoria, British Columbia: The Evergreen Market

Is now the time to Invest in Victoria?

2024 sees Victoria bouncing back as an attractive investment option, thanks to its urban growth and significant development projects.

Victoria Standout Features: High-density urban developments and major projects like the Starlight Developments and the Harris Green District.

  1. Delta, British Columbia: The Industrial Investment Haven

Why Choose Delta to invest in real estate?

Infrastructure projects like the port expansion and the new Massey Tunnel project are set to revolutionize Delta’s industrial sector, making it a top pick for industrial real estate investments.

What is Delta’s Appeal for real estate investing? Improved accessibility and industrial growth potential.

  1. Edmonton, Alberta: The Strategic Expansion

Where should I invest beyond BC?

Edmonton offers a strategic investment opportunity, especially in the industrial sector, with more affordable options compared to BC. 

Edmonton Advantages: Lower land constraints and an affordable market with growing potential.

For a discussion of residential opportunities, see our discussion on Mega Cash-Flow Opportunities in Edmonton.

Conclusion for these Commercial Real Estate Markets 2024:

As 2024 approaches, these markets in British Columbia and beyond represent a spectrum of opportunities for real estate investors. Whether it’s the emerging market of Penticton or the established urban center of Victoria, each location offers unique prospects. Stay ahead in the real estate game by tapping into these promising markets.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Top Real Estate Investment Markets in British Columbia for 2024

1) Why is Penticton, BC ranked as the top real estate market for 2024?

Penticton is emerging as a significant market due to its urban development projects and population growth. Its limited asset availability and rising retail lease rates make it a prime location for real estate investment.

2) What makes Nanaimo, BC an attractive investment option?

Nanaimo’s rapid growth, particularly in commercial and multifamily sectors, along with a robust employment sector, makes it a strong contender for real estate investment.

3) Why should investors consider Kelowna, BC in 2024?

Kelowna offers a balance of legacy lease renewals and cap rate compression opportunities. Its consistent economic growth ensures stable and attractive investment prospects.

4) What are the key attractions of Victoria, BC for real estate investment?

Victoria’s appeal lies in its urban growth and major development projects, including high-density urban developments like the Starlight and Harris Green District.

5) How does the industrial sector in Delta, BC stand out for investment?

Major infrastructure projects, such as the port expansion and the new tunnel project, are set to significantly boost Delta’s industrial sector, making it a highly promising area for investment.

6) Why is Edmonton, Alberta included as a bonus pick for investment outside of BC?

Edmonton presents a strategic investment opportunity, particularly in the industrial sector. It offers more affordable options and lower land constraints compared to BC, appealing to investors looking to expand their portfolio beyond British Columbia.

7) Are these markets suitable for both residential and commercial real estate investment?

Yes, residential and commercial real estate function differently but the markets are interlinked. All of these markets offer opportunities for both residential and commercial real estate investments, each with unique attributes and potential returns.

8) How does the current economic climate affect real estate investment in these areas?

While the economic climate presents challenges like higher interest rates, it also creates opportunities, particularly in markets with high growth potential and rising cap rates.

9) Can foreign investors also participate in these markets?

Yes, as of the time of the podcast, foreign investors can invest in these commercial real estate markets, though it’s advisable to understand the specific regulations and taxes that apply to foreign commercial real estate investment in Canada.

10) Where can I get more detailed information and assistance for investing in these markets?

We have offices & local real estate experts across the province of British Columbia in all asset classes. Please get in touch and we will make the right connection free of charge.

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